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                                                               Angie Morris, OSNU, Spiritualist Medium,Tutor & Coach



                                                                ADDING VALUE TO PEOPLES LIVES




Course 24a The Storyteller 15 - 22nd Jun
Course 26b The Confident Medium 29th June - 6th July

Course 31 Masterclass in Mediumship August 3 - 10th
Course 33b Be Your Own Medium 17 - 24 August

Course 35a  Aspiring to Excellence 31 August - 7th September
Course 47a Beginners Psychic & Mediumistic Unfoldment 22 - 24 Nov 


My Courses 3c Professional Private Consultations 24-26 January
47a Beginners Psychic & Mediumistic Unfoldment 21-23 November


BEGINNERS Mediumship Course

via zoom UK 7-8.30pm total course cost £100

November 6, 7, 13th & 14th


DEMONSTRATING Mediumship Course

via zoom Uk 7 - 8.30pm total course cost £100

August 13, 14, 27 & 28

ADVANCED Mediumship Course
via zoom UK 7 - 8.30pm total course cost £100
ctober 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd 

ADVANCED Trance Course
via zoom UK 7 - 8.30pm total course cost £100
October 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd


Psychic &  Mediumship Course

via zoom UK 3 - 8pm July 27th course cost £60

The Psychic Detective

via zoom UK 3 - 8pm  31st July course cost £60

2024  AFC Zoom Courses  Limited to 30  students 

Your & Your Spirit Team 2 course 29z July 26th UK 3-8pm FULL

Soul Readings 2 August course 30z 2nd UK 3-8pm  FULL

Trance 1 September 27th UK 3-8pm

Clairaudience October 4th UK 3-8pm

Trance 2 November 1st UK 3-8pm

Spirit Inspired Auragraphs December 13th UK 3-8pm



Investing in yourself for a wonderful tomorrow 

1-1 Tuition - Creating a unique premium programme to help with your souls purpose, 
enhance your mediumistic abilities/professionalism
Exclusive Empowerment Coaching Sessions - Allowing you to remove blocks, find your freedom/confidence and upgrade your life   
Please email me for further details. 

Evidential Consultations
Spiritual Assessments
Soul Readings

Spiritual Healing
Sound Frequency Healing

Gift Certificates Available

Officiant of The Spiritualists' National Union


SNU Certificates                   SNU Diplomas:

Demonstrating                        Basic Foundation

Speaking                                 Demonstrating 

Administration                         Speaking

Tutor                                        Teaching - Demonstrating & Speaking

Private Readings



 'I took a trance class with Angie, firstly can I say that she is absolutely a lovely person

 & an amazing teacher! I got so much out of her class & I am excited to continue  

 learning & practicing Trance'

 'I want to take a moment to thank you for your exceptional instruction & support . I    greatly appreciate the welcoming atmosphere you foster & the energy you maintain so  all of your students can thrive. I have learned so much from you & my practice has  grown in ways I could not have anticipated.  I'm grateful for you & the amazing feeling  

 I receive from every class I have the privilege of attending'

 'Extremely accurate consultation, you had my dad amazing, thanks Angie'

 'You brought the presence & essence of my son to life again, extremely grateful to you'

' Your teaching improved my mediumship immensely. You are a very passionate,    honest, enthusiastic , patient tutor and I learned so much and I have regained   

  my confidence and I now have the courage to work professionally'

 'Absolutely loved my empowerment sessions with you Angie; they have changed  my  life for the better. Cannot thank you enough'

 'Fabulous speaker, so informative, uplifting and empowering. You really captivated  all

 of us'

 'I am now living a fulfilling life, thank you for the healing'




Angie is a tutor and Course Organiser at  the world renowned Arthur Findlay College and loves to add value to peoples lives making a positive change in the world through the outstanding professional services she offers.


Like most mediums she never thought she would work in this capacity and feels privileged that she is able to do so. Angie loves and enjoys her work for the Spirit World, Spiritualism and The Spiritalists' National Union.


She is enthusiastic, committed, generous, very passionate, honest , professional and works with integrity  and compassion and feels it is a honour to be a part of the spiritual journey of others as she teachers, enlightens and inspires. She has a practical approach to her teaching and believes in bringing the celebration, joy and pleasure back into students work. Angie not only works in the United Kingdom but also internationally. 


''There is a supreme power and ruling force which pervades and rules the boundless universe. You are a part of this power''  Prentice Mulford (1834-1891)

'You are a limitless power and the possibilities are endless; are you ready to believe in you" Angie Morris , OSNU,DSNU




 Professional Services


.  Evidential Consultations


. Spiritual Assessments​

. Auragraphs


. Exclusive Empowerment Coaching


. Premium 1 - 1 Tuition


. Courses/Seminars/Talks


. Spiritual Healing - Registered Approved SNU Healer

 Sound Frequency Healing

Via zoom or telephone

Official Services 


Namings - Weddings - Funerals

SOUL CARDS £10 plus p&p









Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or you would like to book me for an event or you wish to join my mailing list for special offers. Thank you very much for viewing my website



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